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Strategic Pricing - Managed Entry Agreements

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The landscape of pricing is changing rapidly. List prices and External Reference Pricing (ERP) are going to fade away. Value Based Pricing (VBP) and Negotiation are becoming they key driver. Multiple indications are asking for differential pricing. Managed Entry Agreements have gained traction see the OECD report. Cell and gene based curative one time treatments are no longer a dream but are requesting sustainable new financing schemes. Click here for the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine report.

pharmaLevers has a long history of managed entry schemes: pay for performance, capitation, money back guarantee, cost-sharing, pay-backs and others with BioTech products in oncology.

pharmaLevers is helping clients in the following way:

  • develop a sustainable Pricing Strategy including Multi-Indication Pricing & Indication specific pricing
  • create Managed Entry Schemes including Pay-for-Performance and Coverage with Evidence Development
  • get Payers and Decision Makers on board
  • design and create a simpler  processes

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