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Medical Devices - Reimbursement


We acknowledge that Medical Devices differ from pharmaceutical business in the way that reimbursement is normally within existing DRG’s and pricing is the result of negotiation with different stakeholders, buying groups or public tenders. To demonstrate value is challenging as the product life cycle is short and product benefits grow over time as a result of the customer’s learning curve. However, to demonstrate clinical and or economic value to customers it is essential to break out from the commodity trap. On the other hand major innovation cannot or are insufficiently reimbursed within existing DRG codes.
pharmaLevers is helping clients in the following way:

analyzing Swiss and German procedure codes, DRG’s and reimbursement rates
• evaluation and design of a reimbursement road maps for major innovations
• establish interim payer funding for major innovations
• identify additional product values
• translating value into the payer and decision makers perspective
• generate pragmatic economic studies

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