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The responsible person for every aspectsof privacy policy is indicated in the imprint  
pharmaLevers website is encrypted (SSL) -
pharmaLevers acknowledge personal rights of being informed, of access, of rectification, of erasure, of restrict processing, of data portability and of not being subject to automated decision-making including profiling  
By using pharmaLevers Website (“Site”), Blog and pharmaLevers e-Content Sharing (“e-CS”) you agree to the following Privacy Policy:
Section 1: Homepage
You should acknowledge that data sent via the Internet can be assessed by unauthorized third parties by criminal activities. pharmaLevers website is encrypted (SSL) - using safe connection. In general, the IP-address is used for sending data from a sender to a receiver; this means your IP-address is used and required to display the Site content. Normally dynamic IP-addresses are used which change several times over 24 hours. pharmaLevers itself does not make efforts to collect and store IP-addresses. However, if required by law, you could be identified based on your IP-address. pharmaLevers is not using google analytics; no tracking code is embedded into the Site. The use of the internet and the Site may generate and use Cookies. pharmaLevers makes no effort to identify, collect, store, or use such data. Cookies on pharmaLevers Site are for full functionality. As part of a communication with an existing or new client, pharmaLevers may collect personal contact information such as personal name, email addresses, company name, address, and telephone number. In addition, subject and issue history of requests may also be stored. The input of such personal data and information takes place voluntarily. No such data will be sold or passed to third parties unless required by law. All such personal data will be deleted upon Site user’s written demand.
pharmaLevers Site server is located in the European Community. The prevailing part of the Site’s content is stored there. pharmaLevers can analyze aggregated anonymized data for statistical purposes. Such analysis will identify broad location (Country, City), browser, device type, number of visits for a specific page as well as total number of Site visits.
The Site features some Rich-Media Content (“RMC”) pages or files (see corresponding pages & files at the end*). RMC pages and files are managed by iSpring, which complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data from European clients are stored in Europe (Dublin or Frankfurt). However some files may be stored in the US (iSpring Data Protection; iSpring Security Process 2020). iSpring clients are companies like IBM, Microsoft, Siemens, SAP, Kaspersky, and many others. iSpring host providers follow a high standard (ISO 27001 and ISO 27701). For RMC your IP-address may be sent to the USA. In such a case, your IP-address is not available for admins or reports and only used for content playback. If you are using a Link to RMC, pharmaLevers can track RMC visits in an aggregated anonymized way for statistical reasons.

pharmaLevers Site is using Twitter as a Social Media Plugin. If you login to Twitter its privacy policy is getting valid. If you click on one of pharmaLevers Tweets (News page), you enter the Twitter system and you will be redirected to an external landing page according to the corresponding link. In such a case the privacy policy of the landing page is getting valid. This holds true for all redirected links on the Site.
*The following pages & files are Rich-Media Content (RMC):
Glossary, Market Access Quiz, any e-learning content
pharmaLevers (the responsible person) acts as administrator for the Market Access blog. The blog is based on WordPress and its Privacy Policy applies: quote "all of the information that is collected on will be handled in accordance with GDPR legislation". pharmaLevers is storing your name and Email address. You can manage your profile and posts. You can ask for exportation of your data. Your posts and your account can be deleted upon request at any time.
Section 2: e-Content Sharing (e-CS)
pharmaLevers newsletters provide specific information on market access issues in the area of pricing & reimbursement, health economy, HTA and policy for the life science industry, payers and decision makers. The newsletters can also contain information on pharmaLevers offered services in this field.
pharmaLevers is using MailChimp as provider to manage Newsletters. Newsletter subscription follows a double opt-in procedure. MailChimp is part of Intuit and based in the US. Its Global Privacy Statement is valid and explains Mailchimp's commitment to the GDPR. Your data (Your Name, Email, IP-address) may be transferred to USA and stored or processed there. MailChimp Standard Contractual Clauses (“SCCs) is a valid data export mechanism and its Data Processing Addendum strengthens data protection.
If you do not feel comfortable regarding the transmission of your data via MailChimp, you can subscribe to the newsletter directly with pharmaLevers ( with note: Subscribe to newsletter). In this case, you will receive the newsletter by email or postal delivery.

Newsletters frequently contain links to Rich-Media Content (“RMC”) pages or files. Information on Rich-Media Content ("RMC") are outlined above. pharmaLevers newsletters may use Twitter, LinkedIn, and others as third-party Social Media Plugins. In general, third parties' privacy policies are getting valid.

You as a subscriber has the right to unsubscribe form the newsletter at any time.

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