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Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapy (CGTs) offer a cure or long-term benefit for patients with rare diseases of genetic origin. Depending on the disease and the required vector, one-shot therapy is possible, but multiple doses may also be required. Currently, there is uncertainty about the degree of efficacy and benefit duration. Therefore, cell and gene therapies are usually only partially reimbursed using specific managed-entry agreements. Compared to other therapies, payers have greater influence and decision-making power in cell and gene therapies. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Cell and gene therapies can vary considerably in terms of disease, required vector, cure level, dosage, and long-term benefits for the healthcare system.
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pharmaLevers is helping clients in the following way:

  • Evaluation of reimbursement pathway (product and procedure)
  • Medical and economic value assessment as second, independent opinion
  • Proposing specific managed entry agreements for mutual benefit of client and payer
  • Specific communication to align the value perception of decision-makers and payers

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