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Digital Health Care


No boundaries and limits seem to exist for Digital Health Care: simply digitizing existing EHR & EMR practice, design a new digital insurance model for a more efficient integrated health care system, promote mobile Apps to empower patients for prevention and monitoring, e-prescribing of digital therapies or AI for disease diagnosis and results analysis. However, there remain many challenges as e.g.: “health care produces 30 % of world stored data” and “health care is data rich but information poor” (according to OECD report). In general, digital health is more part of a process than just a medical device.
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pharmaLevers is helping clients in the following way:

  • get reimbursement for digital health (Medical Devices)
  • analyze current reimbursement framework for subsequent digital reimbursement
  • analyze current clinical pathway for digital transformation
  • design digital health insurance model
  • demonstrate medical and economic benefits of digital health applications
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