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Market Access Definition & Organization

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Market Access has top priority in most pharmaceutical company’s value chain. However, its meaning is unclear with a wide range of company specific definitions.

pharmaLevers is proposing the following definition:

“Market Access is a stakeholder tailored, multidisciplinary, aligned approach to accelerate market uptake by optimizing value demonstration, pricing and reimbursement”

Market  Access involves different functional areas such as: Regulatory Affairs, HTA, Health Economy, Pricing & Reimbursement, Governmental and Public Affairs, Key Account Management, Communication and of course Marketing & Sales. As a consequence variations, duplications and GAP’s in Market Access activities may occur, resulting in suboptimal market uptake and use of unnecessary resources.

pharmaLevers is helping clients to:

  • translate current business into a market access organization                                                        

  • learn how to structure the internal process to meet payer and decision makers needs

  • align and build synergies of functional activities

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