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pharmaLevers GmbH is a Swiss based life science consulting firm in the area of Market Access (Pricing & Reimbursement, Health Economy, HTA and Policy). pharmaLevers GmbH was founded in 2011 by Kurt R. Müller who serves as the Managing Director of the Company.

Kurt R. Müller, Ph.D.
Kurt R. Müller leverages 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical and health care industry where he held positions in: R&D, Biotech, Medical Device, Payer (Managed Care), Generics, Pharmaceutical Policies and Consulting.
He launched several products and managed many national and international clinical trials in the field of Oncology, Hepatitis, HIV and Biotech for a leading global R&D company. His personal initiatives of innovative and unconventional arrangements resulted in accelerated market access of key products. He then made a move to the health care industry where he was heading the pharmaceutical managed care division of two sickness funds (Payer) covering 2.2 million lives. His key task was to design and set up innovative health care solutions to optimize both pharmaceutical spending and the level of service quality. After his assignment to evaluate the Swiss Health Care system for a leading global Consulting firm he gained vast experience in the generic drug industry including Key Account- &  Portfolio-Management, IP-Rights, Strategic Planning and European Policy Analysis with focus on Pricing & Reimbursement. Finally he completed his professional expertise in the international Medical Device industry were he held a European Market Access position.
Kurt R. Müller holds PhD, M.Sc.(Pharm ETH) and BBA degrees and is a member of the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) and Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi). His working style identifies health care trends early and creates innovative health care solution in the area of Market Access.

His talent is congruent with Top skills required today (World Economic Forum):

  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity

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