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Pricing & Reimbursement for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices


Getting the target price reimbursed is of utmost importance to generate desired sales and profit levels. International transparency of national P&R policies is increasing. As a result - price referencing and demand measurements are affecting existing and new prices more than ever. The demonstration of additional medical benefit has become the key driver for P&R. Early benefit assessment has become the key element for innovation classification and price negociation. Clients may suffer from launch delay, reference group classification, price adjustments and planning insecurity. Click here for the PPRI report.

pharmaLevers is helping clients in the following way:


  • change payer and decision makers value perception

  • stakeholder specific value demonstration and argumentation

  • identify and overcome payer and decision makers value barriers and concerns

  • adjust core value dossier to the local needs and concerns including value testing


  • argumentation to support pricing claims

  • P&R policy analysis

  • innovative pricing solutions

  • appraisal of price comparison studies

  • evaluation and assessment of DRG's and codes

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