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Welcome to the new decade of affordability

pharmaLevers believes that we are entering the decade of affordability, which is still defined differently between countries and stakeholders. However, country-based economic factors seem to dominate the simple budgetary view of the health system and require a more holistic view [1].

In the time of personalized medicine as well as cell and gene therapies, reimbursement of new medicines will become increasingly dependent on other medical services, such as diagnostic tests, DRG and codes. This means that value assessment and financing should increasingly be cross-sectoral. At present, the prices of innovative therapies are soaring, especially for the treatment of rare diseases. All in all, we must ensure that this is not at the expense of social achievements. The good news is that we have enough instruments to ensure affordability even for novel curative therapies.

Cf. [1] Antoñanzas F et al. PharmacoEonomics 2017, 35: 777-791
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