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Market Access Consulting

Early reimbursement and optimized pricing
through tailor-made access & value management for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

  • Value Assessment
    Benefit from an overview of the key market access challenges for your product through an independent external medical, economic, and political assessment

  • Value Alignment
    Increase your chance that your value claims will be considered by bridging and realigning the value perception of stakeholders

  • Payer Acceptance
    By knowing the payers' evaluation criteria and measures, you can adapt your offer for faster and more advantageous market access

  • Reward Innovation
    Tailor made P&R solutions to reward the value of innovations such as cell and gene therapy

Photos Precision Medicine: angellodeco (diag); vitstudio (Gen), Violin (AI), nils.ackermann.gmail.com (HC Apps), Andreus (Human), Pixelery.com (Path) /Shotshop.com  
Photos Cell- & Gene Therapy: almagami (L), Ssilver (R) /Shotshop.com  
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