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  • Newsletter Nr.8, Feb 2019: Precision Medicine - the concept & reimbursement
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  • Newsletter Nr.7, Sept 2017: Multi Option Reimbursement - Total Value Pricing
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  • Brochure: Re-Evaluation - a continuos life cycle endeavor (Swiss Triennial Revison)
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  • Newsletter Nr.6, Dec 2016: Valueframeworks - what is the impact?
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  • Newsletter Nr.5, June 2016: Disinvestment - good or bad news?  
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  • Budget Impact is the bottle neck: CEA and BIA publications 2005-2015 click here)
  • Country Basket Dynamics (System Dynamics Model click here)
  • Market uptake Continuum (Cause-Effect Relationship Model click here)

  • pharmaLevers has developed  the ISPOR GLOBAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM ROAD MAP for Switzerland. The Pharmaceutical (click) and Medical Device (click) road maps are available at the ISPOR website.

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