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pharmaLevers has created a Blog dedicated to Market Access.

The Blog acts as a closed user group to avoid anonymous views and contributions. The Blog is a platform to share personal opinions and ideas about current and future market access issues in health care with special focus on pricing & reimbursement, health economy, HTA and policy. Decision makers, payers, providers and people from the life science industry are highly welcomed to join this blog. As a group we are enthusiastic to exchange knowledge, aspiring to mutual inspiration and creating new ideas for better future health care systems.

To sign up for the BLOG - please click on the Email and send it:
You will get then a link where you can create a password. Enter the Blog via pharmaLevers webpage and change the password (homepage is SSL). You can change your profile at any time. Your posts and your account can be be deleated opon request at any time. Please read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before signing up for the Blog.

For registered participiants:
Click on Blog to enter

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